Kelli K
Senior Medical Director

Kelli K. Maw

Kelli Maw brings over 10 years of clinical research experience to Constipation Cause. As a Senior Medical Director, she has led global clinical trials across numerous therapeutic areas including metabolic, kidney, endocrine, lung, women's health, and neurologic conditions. Her expertise spans from rare genetic diseases to more common conditions like constipation. Kelli is board-certified in family medicine and has over 20 years of hands-on clinical experience. At Constipation Cause, she provides evidence-based guidance on identifying the root causes of constipation and finding effective, natural relief. Learn from her extensive knowledge of triggers like diet, medications, and lifestyle factors. Discover symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options recommended by a medical professional you can trust.

Your digestive system is the canvas on which your health is painted. Constipation clouds that picture, but understanding the root causes brings it into focus. Constipation Cause provides the tools to identify triggers like diet, medication, and stress so you can find relief naturally. With evidence-based guidance from medical expert Dr. Kelli Maw, you can take control and create a lifestyle that allows your best health to flourish. Regain comfort and regularity - you hold the brush.

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